Your income

We believe that it is also important to recognise your good performance and to reward it financially. As a motivated apprentice you therefore have the possibility to double your monthly salary twice a year. In other words, you would then earn up to 16 monthly salaries in a year! This enables you to easily fulfil your wishes.

This appreciation is of course also reflected in your salary, and this is already the case from the very first year of your apprenticeship:

1st year of apprenticeship€ 576.65 p.m.€ 507.91 p.m.
2nd year of apprenticeship€ 773.25 p.m.€ 693.99 p.m.
3rd year of apprenticeship€ 1,040.38 p.m.€ 903.89 p.m.
4th year of apprenticeship€ 1,397.65 p.m.€ 1,155.41 p.m.


At Intemann you will not only have a secure job, you will also be given opportunities that you probably haven’t even dreamed of yet. How do we know all this? Because our industry will be in even greater demand in the future, our innovative edge is internationally renowned and, as a company with over 100 years of experience, we are capable of rising to any challenge, no matter how great. 


For the most talented Intemann apprentices there are very special awards, for example: paragliding, a surprise day, apprentice camp...

Upon completion of your apprenticeship you will have the best prospects for an international career. We offer you opportunities for further training tailored to your individual needs and numerous options for specialisation, enabling you to pursue your apprenticeship trade all over the world. You only need to seize your opportunities. So apply with us right away!